Wellness Coaching for Motherhood

Have you heard the expression “enjoy every minute!” Having three children under the age of five, I know it’s impossible to enjoy every minute. Children melt down, get sick, are often irrational and exhausting. While of course there are so many enjoyable moments, many are hard. They test our patience. Mothers are the rock of the family, they are the peace keepers, the chefs, the entertainment, the referees, the protectors, educators, comforters and so on. On top of all this, our children learn from our behavior, from our relationships with them, with our partners and from how we treat ourselves. That’s a lot of pressure on a mama! So, how do we do all these things and keep our sanity? We start by taking care of ourselves first. By loving ourselves and meeting our needs, we not only set the example for our children to do the same, but we have the mental capacity to care for everyone else.

A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s

– Princess Diana

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Congratulations! This is such an exciting time in your life. Becoming a mother is a beautiful and transformative period. I am here to help you navigate pregnancy and all the incredible changes that are happening both physically and mentally. As a wellness coach with expertise in pregnancy, I can prepare you for the emotional, hormonal, and physical changes the body will experience. As well as, provide you with stress reduction techniques, nutrition information, and daily habits to improve the way you feel as well as educate you on practical ways to positively impact your health and the health of your baby. We can even talk through registry items. I would love to help you during this exciting time.

Fun fact: Did you know your baby can develop a taste for what you eat during your pregnancy?

  • Cultivate wellbeing through food, exercise and mindfulness
  • Prioritize your needs without guilt
  • Establish order through consistency and routine
  • Reward yourself with kindness
  • Connect with your spouse 
  • Create a positive mindset through habit and repetition 
  • Continue with career goals
  • Provide nutritional advice
  • Provide resources and support
  • Create habits for better sleep
  • moms

    You are superhuman. Take a breath and let that soak in.  As mothers we tend to put ourselves last, meaning we take care of everyone else’s needs before our own. While this is seemingly admirable, it’s not sustainable. Eventually, we become overwhelmed and exhausted and feel like we can barely function. I help mothers learn to put themselves first so that they have the energy and capacity to take care of their little ones and enjoy it. I would love to work with you.

    • Provide stress reduction techniques
    • Work within your schedule to help you carve out “me time” 
    • Provide personalized rituals to ground yourself 
    • Help to replace negativity bias with positive thinking
    • Provide nutritional advice for your family
    • Teach you how to reduce anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with calm, clear thoughts
    • Help establish your identity outside of being a mom. For example: the things you miss about yourself prior to becoming a mother
    • Create habits for better sleep

    working moms

    Let’s take a look at what you want more and less of and compare it to the life you currently live. By prioritizing your needs you can excel at work and your personal life. You don’t have to choose one or the other you simply have to create space for the areas that are lacking and quiet the areas that create stress and discontentment. I can’t wait to help you.

    • Figure out what areas are depleting you and come up with a plan to get you back on track
    • Provide time management techniques based on your personal goals
    • Teach you stress management exercises 
    • Streamline your schedule to give you more time
    • Provide you with daily “me time” rituals to fuel you
    • Provide you with nutritional advice for you and your family
    • Create habits for better sleep


    You are a rockstar! As a mom of twins, I understand the mixed emotions of growing, birthing, and caring for two babies. I was overwhelmed when I found out I was having twins, so I sought out help. My training and personal experience have prepared me to help you as well. There is a lot to navigate physically and emotionally in a twin pregnancy. It can be an amazing experience and I want that for you.

    • Help you prepare for the birth
    • Provide knowledge about what to expect once the babies arrive
    • Provide you with nutritional advice for your family
    • Help you with stress management
    • Help determine what “gear” is necessary
    • Provide support and guidance
    • Provide methods to manage anxiety related to a twins pregnancy
    • Create habits for better sleep