Relationship Coaching for Singles

I am so excited that you are here reading this! I know from personal experience that finding the right partner can and will happen if you want it to. I hear so many people say that there just isn’t anyone out there for them or that they have tried everything. Finding your person starts with taking a deep dive into you. We start with hard work – introspection and figuring out what’s preventing you from finding love. Hint: It always has to do with you! This is a great thing because it means you can make it happen. 

Wait and see what happens when you are willing to look at yourself closely and make healthy changes. Together we will create a plan and carve out a path to love and the universe will rally around you, how exciting!

“When you love yourself,
the right person will fall into your path.”

Are you looking for love?

I had quite a journey in this arena. It was only when I decided that I was ready and actively took a look at what was going on with me that was preventing me from meeting the right person that things began to shift around me and point towards that person.

my love journey

I had quite a journey finding my partner. The thought of marriage and settling down scared me for a long time. When I decided I was ready for more, I had to take a look at what was holding me back. Once I figured out where my fear came from and worked on clearing those issues, the universe began to shift around me. Six months before I met my husband, I had made a deliberate change to my life. I decided that I wasn’t going to put the needs of others before mine anymore. I made finding my love a priority. I looked at my relationships and moved away from the ones that weren’t working. In other words, I became disciplined with who I shared my time. I prioritized myself and became very comfortable saying no to anything I didn’t want to do. I took control of my life.

Once I changed how I lived, I made a clear list of what I wanted in my partner. I spent time visualizing him and thinking about what our life would be like together. Finally, I actively looked for him. You can’t say you want to find someone and then stay in every night eating cheeseburgers. You have to participate in your goal. I  motivated myself to get out into the world. Six months later, at a friend’s birthday, he dropped into my conversation, and a year later, we married. Now, five years later, we have three incredible children.


Image credit: Lily Kesselman