About Rockmore Wellness

Sicily enjoying an afternoon outdoors with her children while eating healthy snacks.

About Sicily

I am a mother of three spirited girls, ages 4 and 9 month old twins. Wife to a wonderfully supportive, smart, and loving husband.  Wellness, health, positive mindsets, gratitude, inner peace, and nature are my passions. More than anything, I love helping others find a sense of balance, purpose, and fulfillment. Finding out what’s off, or missing, whether it’s that you are being pulled in too many directions or that you’re anxious, or feeling unfulfilled in certain areas of your life, I can help you get to a better place.

My Vision

To tilt the world towards tranquility by helping people achieve inner peace and fulfillment.

My Values

Compassion | Honesty | Courage

My Balanced Life

My accreditation from Duke University’s Integrative health coaching program gave me the skills to help people but my personal journey solidified my experience in this field. In short, I was allowing myself to be pushed and pulled by others’ needs and demands at the expense of my well-being. I realized a transition needed to begin if I wanted to be happy and fulfilled. Once I started changing the way I saw myself and figuring out what was missing and what I wanted, my life changed dramatically.

I believe change requires inner work, goals, defining priorities, setting boundaries, and saying no to anything that’s not serving you without guilt. Change begins when you decide to make yourself a priority. The work is fun, hard, and exhilarating! It requires discipline and commitment. When you are happy and take care of your needs those around you are happy. Putting yourself first is never selfish, it’s a loving act that you and your loved ones deserve.

This personal experience laid the foundation for my philosophy as a professional coach: 

I believe that even the hardest things can be made manageable if you approach them methodically, flexibly, and compassionately.