A Balanced Diet Day

Breakfast Smoothie

1 banana or avocado
1 Cup of frozen organic berries 
1 cup of organic spinach
A scoop of flax seeds (for omega-3)
A scoop of peanut butter
1 cup of nut milk

Mid-morning Snack

Sliced apples with almond butter


Avocado toast
Toast two slices of whole-grain bread
Scoop half an avocado onto each slice 
Drizzle with a little olive oil
Add a squirt of lemon
Top with salt, pepper, and a dash of paprika

Mid-day snack 

Baby carrots with hummus


Wild-caught salmon with roasted veggies and brown rice. 
While the rice is cooking start preparing the veggies and salmon.
Pre-heat oven to 350


Drizzle salmon with olive oil add salt and pepper 
Slice an orange into thin round pieces and lay them on top of the salmon. Bake for 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon.
Slice red onion, red peppers, and broccoli toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast for 20 minutes


Grass-fed plain greek yogurt with honey and walnuts