Creating balance, fulfilment, and purpose for all stages of life.

creating balance

By prioritizing your needs and desires, you’ll excel in the important areas of your life.

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wellness coaching services

By prioritizing your needs you can excel in all the important areas of your life. 

Select your area of interest to learn more about my tailored services. I can’t wait to help you.

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Whether you’re planning for, preparing for, or already a mother, I can help you navigate your feelings and challenges to help you create a plan to create a balanced and sustainable life. 



You don’t have to settle or make sacrifices. You do deserve to have it all in a partner and to honor what’s important to you. Let’s work together to bring the love you’re looking for into your life.


career balance

You can create a successful career without sacrificing other areas of your life. Let’s clarify where you need to draw attention and create a plan to reach your work/life goals.

Free Tech Detox Challenge 

If you’re feeling excited by the potential of a more balanced lifestyle, you’re in luck. We’ve got a free challenge to help you start creating your own balance immediately. 

Hello, I’m Sicily

I am a wellness coach specializing in life transitions. I help my clients identify the areas that make them feel stuck or depleting, and through the process of goal clarification, we formulate a plan to achieve a balanced, sustainable and healthy life.

My clients include expecting, new and seasoned mothers, professionals, and those in their golden years. Health and well-being at all stages of life can be achieved and is critical to long-term health.

I help my clients hone the right mindset, habits, and strategies to excel in personal well-being.

The Process

My approach involves defining and bringing awareness to your values and vision, identifying imbalances, and then creating your unique plan for a healthier and more balanced life. 


We explore your current lifestyle, habits and stressors.


We will work together to define and bring awareness of your goals.


We create a detailed plan to reach and maintain your goals.